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Road transport of goods

Road freight transport today is the most common way to deliver goods. And for good reason: this is a fairly fast and relatively inexpensive way of delivery "from warehouse to warehouse". It is possible to deliver any type of cargo, any size and product groups by road.

Advantages of road transportation:

  • door-to-door delivery capability;

  • flexibility — both in terms of the volume of goods, and in composing the routes;

  • affordable price and the ability to clearly plan delivery;

  • the ability to collect several shipments from different points within the same road transport route.

International road transport

We provide road transportation services almost all over the world, except for some countries in Africa, Asia and Australia. But most often our clients choose routes in Ukraine or from Ukraine to Europe.

автоперевезення вантажів Україна

What we deliver by road:

  • bulky cargo - machinery, production equipment;

  • oversized cargoes;

  • food products - including those that quickly deteriorate;

  • electronics;

  • household chemicals;

  • and much more!

Road transport perfectly complements other types of transportation when it comes to multimodal transportation. Contact us - we will help you find the best solution in terms of time and cost.


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