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International Container Shipping

Shipping by sea — this is international cargo transportation on specialized ships, such as container ships, tankers, bulk carriers and others. Most often, sea transportation of goods takes place using the container method, so we took it as the name of the service.

Advantages of freight transportation by sea

  • the possibility of intercontinental cargo transportation;

  • affordable cost of long-distance delivery;

  • cargo security — containers are opened only during loading and unloading and at customs;

  • high transportation and throughput capacity - even very large loads such as industrial equipment or large machines can be transported.

An interesting fact about sea transportation of goods

The largest amount of cargo in the world is transported by sea. This is due to the fact that sea transportation is a fairly cheap, safe and efficient way of transporting goods.
морські перевезення Україна

We are ready to deliver your cargo by sea from the USA, Canada, South America, China, Japan and other Asian countries to Ukraine and back as part of multimodal transportation or as a separate service.


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