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Air transportation

Transportation by plane is a quick way to deliver cargo from one point of the world to another.

Benefits of air freight:

  • the safest way to deliver goods;

  • high speed of delivery;

  • the shortest route of transportation;

  • flexibility - one can deliver small batches as well as large-sized or perishable goods.

We are ready to provide quality air transportation services:

  • dangerous, dimensional and perishable cargoes;

  • calculate the optimal multimodal transportation route;

  • organize air transportation in the territory of third countries;

  • provide insurance service for your cargo;

  • full documentary support;

  • consolidate several shipments in a third country and deliver across Ukraine or other countries right to your door.


Restrictions on air travel

Obviously under current circumstances it is not possible to deliver cargo to Ukraine by air, but we can include air transportation as a part of multimodal transportation route and deliver your cargo "from door to door."

Contact us — we are here to find the best logistics solution!


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