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About Us

STANDARD CARGO is a complex solution for cargo delivery:

  • predictable outcome and transparency;

  • timely delivery and reasonable cost of transportation;

  • proper procedure with documents;

  • support of the logistics manager at all stages of freight transportation.​

Досвідчені менеджери з логістики

Logistics managers with 6+ years of experience



STANDARD CARGO transports goods to European countries, Asian countries, the USA, Canada, South America and China. The delivery of your cargo can be carried out by sea and air transport, as well as reefers and awning vehicles with a load from 1 to 23 tons.

What we do:
● we transport goods according to your own route;
● we compose an individual route taking into account all your business needs;
● we look for optimal terms and cost of delivery;
● we comply with all regulations and requirements for transportation;
● we are engaged in the transportation of general cargo.


Fits well for:
● companies proficient in production, purchasing and sales;
● companies engaged in foreign trade;
● companies that are just starting or planning to deploy production, purchasing and sales of any product and are looking for a reliable logistics partner.​



Do we need to conclude contract to start cooperation?

Is it necessary to conclude a contract to start working?


To conclude a contract:
1. Our capabilities = your needs.
2. Submission of the entire package of statutory documents.

3. Successful verification by our security service.


Which kind of companies do you work for?
Standard Cargo provides services to clients when:
1. Contract had been concluded.
2. The working conditions are beneficial to all participants and do not contradict the concluded contract.
3. Both parties follow the negotiated conditions.

​​​Do we work with all carriers?

We only work with carriers that have been vetted by the security service and meet our operational standards.

What types of cargo do we deliver?

Bulk cargoes.

Complete loads.

Oversized cargo.

Dangerous goods.


Which services are available to carriers?​​​

Consultations on our specialization, even not related to the transportation of the current cargo.

A personal manager who is on call and ready to resolve issues during transportation.

Additionally, we are working on improvement of your current directions.

Convenient payment terms.



Do you have electronic document management?​​​

Yes, we have electronic document management.

Is there always transport available?

Standard Cargo LLC has a wide network of partners, operating in all major directions. There is always transport wherever you need it.

Which kind of clients do you work with?
Do you work with all carriers?
What kinds of cargo do you deliver?
Are there any services for carriers?
Do you have electronic document management?
Is there alwaus transport available?


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+38 095 361 24 82

Standard cargo LLC

Patriarch Mstislav Skrypnyk str, 1, Kyiv, Ukraine

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